Island Thyme Morris Dancers

Victoria, BC Canada

Morris Dancers? What are morris dancers?

Island Thyme is a joint side living and dancing in beautiful Victoria on Vancouver Island on the West Coast of Canada.

The women's side of Island Thyme do dances from Lichfield and Eynsham, and from the Northwest of England. Have a look at our women doing a Lichfield dance at Clover Point on May day morning and a garland dance (from the Northwest of England) in Victoria's inner harbour.

The men's side of Island Thyme (known as the Not-For-Joes) do what's known as border dances, that is, dances from the region of the border between England and Wales. You can see our Not-For-Joes dancing on the Mural stage at the Folklife Festival (Seattle)

Island Thyme is often joined by 'Caddy', the Cadborosaurus who lives in Cadboro Bay. When he hears our music and the bells he comes right up out of the sea to dance and cavort with us. Have a look at Caddy making friends with some visitors.

As far as we know, these are the only other morris sides nearby that have Web pages. Lots of other morris sides around the world have Web pages, though. Check them out at the Morris and Sword Pages on the Web

So what's morris dancing you ask?

Well it originates in England, it's fun to do and to watch, and today it's danced in many places. Want to know more? Visit the Morris FAQ for more information than you ever wanted to know, and links to other teams.
Island Thyme Morris Dancers
Victoria, BC, Canada.
Last updated 30 June, 1998
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